Exercise videos filmed by our therapists


Bear static core holds

-On your hands and knees, lift your knees off the ground and focus on keeping your core tight and engaged while breathing. Alternate lifting each hand and leg off the ground individually without changing the position of your torso or losing your balance.

Dead bug core control

-A great drill to prime up the slings of your core and work on keeping a contracted core with a neutral spine and controlled breath. Slowly lower each limb individually then try opposites. Stay tight in your midsection and never stop breathing

Tactical Frog

-Great way to work on hip and groin mobility. Engage the core, breathe and rock back and forth at your comfortable limit gradually inching your knees further and further apart as your range improves

90/90 hip opener

-A great variation of the pigeon mobilization done in the 90/90 position and working in and out of your hip mobility limit to open up the hip capsule and glute. Make sure to breathe and keep mild tension through your core while avoiding bending at the low back

Upper back foam rolling

-Great way to open up the upper spine to offset the daily posture of sitting

Hip Opener

-Used to offset the effects of sitting, basic maintenance for backpain avoidance

Quad foam rolling

-Used to help reduce tension in the quads and loosen up the IT band fascia from the underlying muscle tissue

Hip opener #2: Quad bias

-This version of the hip opener biases the quad muscle by bending the knee. Great mobilization to do after some quad foam rolling

Lacrosse ball foot smash

-Loosen up the muscles and joints of your feet with a lacrosse ball. 2 minutes per foot daily keeps your feet working properly and avoids foot problems

Calf softball massage

-Loosen up your calves using a softball (or something of similar size and hardness)

Rotator cuff massage

-Loosen up the back pocket of your shoulder muscles against the wall with a lacrosse ball

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