Kicking off 2018, the Optimize team is proud to announce the start of our new Performance Physiotherapy program.


What is Performance Physiotherapy?

Optimal health doesn’t simply mean the absence of pain or injury – it means having a body that moves well, is strong enough to be resilient to injury and we’re here to guide you along that journey.

A lot of people we see are exercising on a regular basis without first learning the fundamentals of proper movement which can often eventually lead to injury. Our team has a passion for movement and helping people understand optimal training mechanics. Whether its deadlifts, squats, running, martial arts or baseball – our team is now offering sessions to improve your mechanics, prevent injury and get you strong……freakishly strong.

Performance physiotherapy sessions aim to bridge the gap between rehab and training by combining the best of both worlds. A big missing element in the rehab process involves the next step to build strength and capacity on top of quality movement patterns and mobility. Our goal is to create resilient, independent and healthy humans through mobility, movement and strength.


Sessions are tailored around goals you and your therapist determine and can include:

-Learn to lift sessions: Learn how to safely master the squat, deadlift, press and other fundamental exercises using a variety of loads (barbells, kettlebells, dumbells). Become confident in any gym setting.

-Strength training programs: Alongside our therapists, set up a strength training program that lets you safely and effectively reach your goals with an emphasis on functional training.

-High level performance/power training: Take your training to the next level, address imbalances and build power/capacity.

-Athlete development: Address the missing links in your sports performance and build resilience to prevent injury.

-Running strength: build strength, mobility and stability specific to running to improve performance and decrease injury risk.

-Unconventional training: Learn to train with kettlebells, steel maces, weighted clubs, rings, medicine balls, balance beams etc.

-Movement flow sessions: Challenge and improve your mobility, balance and stability using a wide variety of movements and positions linked together into a flow. Re-connect with your body by using it in a variety of different ways.

**Sessions will be booked as a standard physiotherapy appointment with our usual rates. Please mention that you are interested in booking a Performance Physiotherapy session and what your general goals are so we can match you with the right therapist.

**Single sessions or packages are available (4,6 or 10)


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