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Here’s a physiotherapy visit for many people in Ottawa: walk into the clinic, see the physiotherapist for 10 minutes of hands on work, spend the rest of the time hooked up to an ultrasound or electrical stimulation machine and with a physiotherapist assistant. You’re given few home exercises if any and the ones that are given provide little effects. No movement education, little information given about the injury, and you’re told to come several times a week for months on end.


Real physical therapy involves face to face time with a physiotherapist, learning about your injury and how your body works, learning how to move better, learning how to maintain your body and being coached in performing effective exercises. Effective therapy means coming into the clinic fewer times a week but taking an active role in your recovery working by on your body everyday at home and using clinic follow ups to make sure you’re on track and work on new exercises.

At optimize our therapists we see fewer patients per hour, replace ultrasound and stim machines with exercise equipment, focus on educating individuals about their bodies and motivating them to regain control over their health. We’re delivering the level of care typically reserved for professional athletes to everyone that walks through our doors. If you aren’t getting results from your current therapy make a switch and see the difference REAL quality physiotherapy can make in improving your health. Demand a better experience from physical therapy and you will see better results.

The Canadian capital deserves better and Optimize is stepping up to the plate by setting a new standard in physical therapy and sport medicine.

– Nick

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